Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.

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Pre Made Freak out skulls Fully Fancied Black stiched pleat shirt. 16.5" collar


This stunning shirt which is fully fancied with Freak out skulls pattern on the back and sleeves. The Front is a black stitched pleat, standard 16.5" collar, double cuffs with the stylish black and silver stud effect buttons.
This shirt is sold with its gift box which contains The shirt, matching pocket square, authenticity certificate, box of colour catching sheets, dust cover, hanger and last but not least, Shirt back and sides key rings.
If you perchase this shirt once we have your address we will endever not to make a similar shirt within a 50 mile radious of you.

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