Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.

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Have the perfect styled front to your fancy back. With the sophisticated features of either a bib front, stitched pleats, ribbed pique or concealed fly front, wing collars, standard collar and double cuffs.


Whatever the occasion, rest assured that you will feel every bit the suave and sophisticated gentleman. If you would prefer a business shirt or (for the ladies) a blouse, contact us and we will happily show you what else we offer.

Shirt styles.

plain 5000 Lifestyle Ribbed pique 5003 Stitched pleat 5002 copy plain black 5000 Lifestyle black Marcella 5001 Lifestyle

Classic plain fly front.


Colours:  black or white.

Styles: Wing Collar / King Size Wing Collar

Fabric: Polyester 65% Cotton 35%

Features: Concealed Fly Front.

Rounded 2 Buttonhole, 2 Button Duo Cuff.

Classic plain fly front.

Classic plain fly front.

Marcella Bib front.           (Below)

Colours: White only.

Styles: Standard Collar/King Size Standard collar.

Fabric: Polyester 65%, Cotton 35%

Features: Bib front, Double cuffs.

Stitched pleat front.      ( above )


Colours: Black and White.


Standard collar/King Size standard collar

Wing collar/King size Wing collar.

Fabric: Cotton 55%, Polyester 45%

Features: Stud Front, Double Cuff



Ribbed Pique front.          ( above )


Colours: White only.

Styles: Spread Collar/King Size Spread collar. Wing collar, King Size Wing collar

Fabric: Polyester 45%, Cotton 55%

Features: Concealed fly front, Double cuffs.